Is your HR or Training Department in need of a customized eLearning course development for your online training programs? Are you tired of the old-school kearning programs for your corporate and educational needs? Want to shift from in-person training or pure zoom discussion into a blended form of training? Do you envision empowering your team with courses they need to excel in their job?

Worry no more! Miyens offers a range of services especially in the field of customized eLearning course development. We can help you in terms of planning, preparation, developing, instructional design, launching, and maintaining your courses.

Focusing on engaging, mobile-ready, and gamified eLearning solutions, we can team up to produce courses that are fun and effective which allows your learners to acquire the skills they need and meet your organization’s goals.

Here are some of the courses we can help you produce:

  • Onboarding course for new employees
  • Skill enhancements for your workforce
  • Safety training course
  • Customer Support Training
  • Technical Courses
  • Management and Leadership course
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Software Simulations
  • University Minor and Major Subjects
  • And many more

To produce highly interactive eLearning courses, we use the latest design and development principles and techniques such as:

  • Responsive and Mobile Ready Course
  • Web Technology
  • Character Design
  • Gamification, Badges, and Leaderboards
  • Scenario-based interactions
  • Branching Scenarios
  • Content types like video, audio, graphics, charts, and animation
  • Knowledge Checks like game-based, multiple choice, drag, and drop, and touch-based.

We are also here to help you integrate your courses on our LMS or on your current one:

  • SCORM integration
  • Course Management
  • Learner or Student Management
  • Progress Management
  • Report Generation
  • Printing of Certificate
  • And any custom functions you may need.

Isn’t that amazing? Battle boring training sessions and stop wasting valuable time and company resources. Let’s collaborate on how we can upgrade your Training programs!

If you are reading this article and face some challenges on transitioning to eLearning or just want to improve the way you train people using the combination of digital delivery and traditional classroom setup, we will be glad to have a conversation with you. Contact us now and one of our project lead will get in touch. eLearning development is an investment with high returns. Act now and contact us!

Check out some of the eLearning courses our team has produced.

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