4 Ways AR / VR Impacts the World of eLearning


4 Ways AR and VR impacts the world of eLearning

Augmented and Virtual Reality has brought innovation and excitement in the world of gaming, engineering, medicine, and now it is going the way of social media and online learning.

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Here are 4 ways how AR/VR can innovate how you deliver eLearning:

1. Creates a new world of learning
Virtual and Augmented Reality in learning immerses the learners in what they need to learn. Since it creates a new virtual world, the learner is fully engaged in the learning process, hence eliminating possible distractions from the real environment. The learner can also interact with virtual objects because of tactile sensors that can help the learner understand the lesson or task.

2. Real-time interaction
If you thought online training sessions couldn’t get any more interactive, AR/VR sets the bar higher. With AR and VR, learners can interact, activate, jump, run, talk in a virtual world that imitates a real training room or classroom where there is an actual instructor that they can interact. Indeed, a new and immersive way of learning.
3. Real-time collaboration with peers
In today’s time, in order for a collaboration to happen among peers, they need to use social media, project management platforms, etc, and sometimes it is not that effective. With VR, creating a virtual meeting space is possible and each learner can collaborate with one another in real-time. They can also interact with 3D models or online training tools. Effective and efficient learning isn’t it?
4. Gamification
Gamification works closely with AR and VR. Both technologies when combined, let learners play interactive games in between modules that can help them earn badges and compete with each other to increase their ranks in leaderboards. This results in a higher retention level.
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