Today eLearning is one of the most efficient online teaching and learning strategies that you can use. Whether for an educational institution or for your company, it meets the needed digital training delivery needs of your people. The eLearning industry has reached a growth rate of over 900% compared to a traditional classroom setting. On average eLearning requires only 40%-60% of learners’ time to finish the training material, giving them extra time to do other tasks.

All over the world, universities are now using the eLearning and Learning Management System (LMS) as an online platform where their students can take courses, interact with instructors, do social learning, and much more.

Companies of all sizes are investing in converting their classroom-based materials to eLearning format so they can deliver learning content to all their workforce even if they are in different geographic locations. Moreover, digital delivery of courses is proven to cut the cost of developing and training people.

Here are some of the benefits you can get on eLearning.

1. It’s accessible anytime, anywhere!
Since eLearning is a digital form of your course, you only need just two (2) things to access and learn something: your device (can be laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone) and an internet connection. If you prefer offline delivery you can have your courses downloaded on your device.
2. Save time and money
Who doesn’t want to make life easier by saving your money from buying expensive textbooks, transportation fare, and energy to go back and forth? With eLearning, you can do all your work at home, in the coffee shop, or anywhere else, How’s that for flexibility.

3. Learn and experience fun-filled gamified courses
Simulation, game-based scenarios, or educational learning games can be included in your eLearning courses! Research shows that the more engaged the learners, the higher the retention rate is.

4. Paperless and environment-friendly
Paper? Almost no need for that except for printing your certificate and reports if needed. Helps you save money and mother earth too!

Here at Miyens, we provide services that include engaging, creative, fun eLearning and LMS that suit your corporate and educational needs. Contact us today and one of our project leaders will be glad to help and guide you!

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