Technical fields such as computer-based courses deal with specific program or software to be used. With this, it must be concise and in a step-by-step process so people will learn easily and retain the information given to them. As part of the learning process, the students are expected to undergo special training services where they experience these kinds of jobs, and these training might be a hassle and pricey. Aside from that, not all learners have the same level of comprehension. As a training manager, you need to make sure that all the people enrolled in your program are properly equipped with learning on using the software. So how can we deal with these in less time and effort with a highly integrated system that will suit their needs? It’s all about eLearning!

eLearning course can provide a more convenient and more productive way of teaching learners and on borders on using different software in a simple and comprehensive manner. Here at Miyens, we can provide you a simple, easy and mobile-ready e-Learning courses that will satisfy all of your software simulation needs! We can introduce them static approaches with the use of images, texts, and videos, and dynamic approach like simulating the software through the course itself, scenario-based, or even the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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