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Use video marketing to win new customers

Videos grab viewers attention and it allows people to see, hear and experience what you want to convey. Your video could go viral and gain a lot of shares on social media. Creating a marketing video is easy especially when you have an expert partner who can help you conceptualize, shoot, edit and enhance it.

Research show that video ads boost purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. 65% of video watchers visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor.

Studies show that you attract more interests from audiences by including videos on your website or marketing materials, which leads to 80% conversion rates!

And have we mentioned making it viral on social media? Well, 92% of viewers share videos with their friends on their social network.

Here’s what people of all ages, in different industry and business sizes say about the power of video marketing.

For me the best use of video is to leverage the competitive market and provide a strong introduction of our products. Since we can’t beat the big players in spending when it comes to traditional media advertising. We make use of video marketing + the power of social media to reach our customers.

Regular publishing of video either online, TV spots or on our social media outlets has been a vital tool for us to stay on customer’s mind.

Video and video marketing has elevated the way we communicate with our audience. It helps us to share our ideas more and in a very personal way. Likewise our followers have become more educated about a product or a brand that they are interested in.