Did you know that there’s a trend in the marketing and learning industry today and it is called GAMIFICATION? It is a technique that improves the way how people can experience and interact with your learning or marketing materials. Studies have shown that the majority of the audience exposed to materials with gamification gave positive results in terms of their engagement and retention level that’s why companies and organizations are applying this to their content delivery and strategy. So basically how does gamification works? And how can you integrate it into your learning or marketing materials?

Learning Managers, Trainers and even Marketers believe that by using gamification, it helps people in aspects of socialization, better learning, mastery of topic or subject, competition, achievement, self-expression and their responses toward a situation. Gamification uses the strategy of a reward system by the representation of badges, leaderboards, levels per game and progress bar to measure their improvements.

Gamification is also a tool for customer engagement. According to studies, 70% of business efforts fail because there’s a lack of engagement from the customers. This is where gamification enters. Applying gamification to a marketing strategy is one way to let your customers engage with your product and to leave a lasting impression on them. Once this technique is enjoyed by your customers, they will surely share their experience with their peers spreading good feedback about your product, all thanks to gamification.

Are you interested in adding spice to your materials by integrating gamification elements to it? Worry no more because we are here to help you. Miyens team is one of the best developer and provider of gamified strategy in eLearning and marketing campaigns in the Philippines and with clients in USA, Asia, and Europe. With the help of our talented, progressive and creative developers and multimedia artists, we can provide you materials that will surely engage, challenge and inform whoever will use it whether it’s for learning or marketing.

How about you? Do you have any ideas on how gamification would improve your learning or marketing materials? Comment your ideas and read the description below to see our samples. Who knows we might turn your gamification idea into reality.

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