Discover how Miyens’ cloud-based platforms can streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize your decision-making process.

Please note that each platform listed below is designed to address the specific needs of a particular department. To achieve the best results, we recommend involving key decision-makers from relevant departments in selecting the most suitable platform for your team. We also invite you to participate in our market assessment survey, which can help us suggest the most appropriate solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Discover how Perkcious Rewards Program can help you boost customer acquisition and retention.

Foster brand loyalty and boost sales by rewarding authentic customer generated content.

Meet Jarvy, your AI sidekick to help you generate AI conent like scripts, images, voiceover, code, transcript and more.

Juander is an eLearning authoring tool, LMS, and mobile app in one that lets you convert traditional training materials to digital format and deliver effective online lessons.

Add automation and streamline your workflow to face the challenges of the new normal and work from anywhere setup with a powerful but easy-to-use set of tools.

Convertygrow equips you with tools to create, schedule, and automate meaningful conversations using FB Messenger Chatbot, Social Media Post Scheduler, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Online Store.

Kumva platform allows you to sell your physical products, whether you are running a food business, restaurant, eatery, food park, franchise, grocery, or any other type of business, both in-person through Point of Sale and online through your website. You can reach anyone, anywhere, with just one platform.

Build your online presence and increase your online reputation with an official website.

Create immersive tours and events, interactive eLearning, or your next marketing campaign.

SMS And WhatsApp Marketing.
Utilize your network provider’s unlimited SMS plan, a cost-effective solution for marketing, bulk SMS, and projects in your country. Use WhatsApp for an even larger audience reach, our platform provides the complete tools to help you get started.

eLearning & LMS Service

Help your organization thrive in the new normal, and discover how you can save time and money using eLearning and LMS. Know the smart way to transition from the stone age training approach to a digital & technology-driven learning strategy.

Digital Marketing

In this world of the digital age where technology and social media are ruling, you need to keep up. You need to innovate your marketing strategy, aligning it to the means we have now. Traditional marketing is a thing of the past, digital and online marketing is the way to do it. Don’t let your brand get left behind, switch to Digital and Online Marketing.

Interactive & Immersive Service

Miyens provides interactive and experiential games and apps for events, mobile, web, social media, and retail. Deliver effective, new, and fun brand experiences using technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile games, interactive kiosks, print alive, and more. These will surely make your brand stand out, resulting in higher engagement, brand awareness, and winning new customers.

Outsourcing Service

With our outsourcing services, it will be easy and affordable for your business to hire talent or form your dedicated team.

Articles & Vlogs

Get growth strategies and tips